NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Cards Get Performance Boost in Ashes of The Singularity DirectX 12 Benchmark With Latest Drivers


Over the last week, NVIDIA and AMD have released latest drivers to leverage performance in the latest games such as Star Wars Battlefront beta. The new drivers aim to deliver faster performance and tone down on total number of bugs encountered while playing AAA titles. One of the game that is the highlight of the new drivers release is Ashes of Singularity which sees a good performance boost with the latest drivers.

Ashes of The Singularity DirectX 12 Benchmark Sees Improved Performance With Latest NVIDIA and AMD Drivers

NVIDIA launched their latest GeForce 358.50 WHQL driver focused towards improving Star Wars Battlefront BETA performance while the Catalyst 15.10 BETA driver is focused to optimize performance for Ashes of the Singularity game. The title which is in Alpha (Pre-Beta) phase is expected to hit Steam early access on October 22nd. The game was the focus of talks during the last month as it was the first benchmark that was publicly available to the masses to test out their latest DirectX 12 graphics cards. As we know, we saw a mixed reaction from the community with AMD cards getting the biggest performance benefit from DirectX 12 due to full Async hardware support available on the GCN architecture while the Maxwell GPUs had to focus on integral GPU core performance since they drivers were simply not available to make Async compute work on the Maxwell cards. The NVIDIA cards on the other hand saw little to no improvement but NVIDIA had optimized their DirectX 11 drivers up to the point where it mattered less for DirectX 12 to churn out any remaining power and instead put focus towards graphical and image quality enhancements.

We saw Fable Legends last month which show a clear analysis of how NVIDIA's Maxwell and AMD's GCN worked in DirectX 12 titles with NVIDIA performing better with Global Illumination and rendering effects which they have worked really work to enhance with the geforce 900 series Maxwell architecture and AMD who have always showed an emphasis on compute and dynamic lightning showing their benefits in that sector. We saw some really nice benefits of DirectX 12 with each architecture as specific features were allowed to run better on the GPUs that had better support for them showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of both graphics card makers, allowing them to work on these fields when the push their next cards in 2016.

Image Credits/Source: Computerbase

Today, the well-known, Computerbase, brings forward the latest performance results in Ashes of Singularity DX12 benchmark with the latest drivers. From the looks of it, both NVIDIA and AMD have improved the overall performance for their cards with the GeForce GTX 980 Ti seeing a 11% increase from 65.3 FPS to 72.5 FPS and AMD's Radeon R9 Fury X seeing a 6% increase from 67.8 FPS to 72.1 FPS. On the other side, we see the GeForce GTX 970 getting a good improvement from 46.8 FPS to 50.6 FPS while the Radeon R9 390 goes from 53.4 up to 54.6 FPS. We see similar gains on Epic preset (graphics settings) with small yet welcomed improvements in the new title.

Ashes of the Singularity is still a game under-development at the moment as it is yet to launch. There are a lot of fixes that can still be expected from new GPU drivers and development side of the game. NVIDIA has yet to make a comment on their Async driver update for AOTS but we can see the upcoming patch improving the GPU performance on the GeForce side while AMD already has a good increase seen with their Async compute ready hardware.