Nutaku, Producers of the First Adult Console, Go Mobile with New Android Store

At the end of January, you may have noticed a pretty blurry image heading up one of my articles. Why was it a bit blurry? Well, the piece was about the first ever adult games console being announced, a console being released by the platform Nutaku. It just so happens that the console is shaped like something you would find as part of a woman's chest. The clavicle I think it's called.

Well, not only are Nutaku trying to conquer the world of adult console gaming, they're now expanding into mobile with their very own Android app, bringing a host of most assuredly not-safe-for-work games direct to your mobile.

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Introducing the World’s First Adult Games Console by Nutaku

I have to admit, it seems a strange system to bring titles of a more adult nature to. I imagine most places you normally find somebody playing a mobile game aren't exactly suitable for the content of that nature. I always get funny looks when I look at those kinds of sites on the bus, who knows what'll be said if I'm playing a game of that nature!

In a completely unrelated statement, Julie Hall, Communications Manager of Nutaku, had this to say:

With a growing user base of more than 25M registered players, and with 23% of them being Android users, we wanted to improve accessibility to the platform. With this simple-to-use Android Store, gamers can play Nutaku games from anywhere and enjoy a refined, user-friendly experience.

As of right now, you can download the mobile store app from the Nutaku website. I won’t be linking it due to even the app store page being NSFW, but we all know how to use Bing by now. It's early days, so the features are slim pickings, but these are the core features:

  • One-stop platform to download, and play games
  • Easy navigation through the library of Android games
  • Built-in Search feature
  • One-click update feature
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