Galaxy Note 10 Makes A Surprising Appearance With 5G In Code


After the launch of the Galaxy S10 lineup, Samsung can take it easy for a while. Samsung has chosen to focus on specific areas of the Galaxy S10 to deliver the maximum amount of aesthetic impact. So while the gadgets do not upgrade to UFS 3.0, they do feature brand new displays, an additional camera sensor and a new design. Samsung's decision to devote the majority of its efforts to the display has paid off by making the three S10 smartphones look completely different from their predecessors. Now, as the devices start to permeate the market, details for the Note 10 are also surfacing. Take a look below for more.

Source Code For The Galaxy S10 Contains A Reference To The Note 10's Alleged Codename

Given that it's early in the year, we've got few details to report on for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The information that we do have suggests that Samsung will increase the phablet's screen size to 6.6" this year. However, while information for the gadget is scarce, there's no harm in making some well thought out conjectures.

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It's a near certainty that the Galaxy Note 10 will feature Samsung's brand new Infinity-O display panels. Additionally, a 7nm processor and a new rear camera sensor will also make it on the phablet. What interests us however is the fact that Samsung was forced to leave UFS 3.1 out of the Galaxy S10. Will the Note 10 make this upgrade? We'd like to think so.

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After Samsung released the Galaxy S10 Android 9 kernel on its open source center, developer Mishaal Rehman got around digging. What they've found is a reference to the Galaxy Note 10's codename (which is Davinci, according to Ice_Universe) in the code's defconfig file. The following reference is present in the file:


This, as you can see, is interesting because of two reasons. The first is a simple fact that Davinci makes an appearance here. The second is that the codename is followed by a reference to 5G. This leads to the simple conclusion that Samsung might be preparing a 5G variant of the Note 10.

While this is interesting in its own right, it does perk our ears up. 5G is far from being fully mature, and we don't mean that from an adaptability perspective. Instead, equipping a gadget with the required hardware for the connectivity requires changes in design that Samsung might not like for its premium phablet brand; a brand that the company painstakingly upgraded last year.

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