Is Nokia testing PR 1.3 update for N9?

Ammar Malik

Nokia may have killed any hopes for future devices running Meego after N9, however that doesn't mean the company will stop supporting its (expensive) smartphone. PR 1.1 update has already been released into the wild back in November/December and PR 1.2 update is about to be made public (see here). PR 1.2 is the first major update that brings a host of new features, however there's always something that needs to be added later.

According to the picture above, a bug was reported to Harmattan-Bugs and the phone in question is a Nokia N9 running PR 1.3 49.2012.05. This could of course be fake, while it can also be true. However at this point in time this is the only image that shows the existence of PR 1.3. Hopefully after PR 1.2 we get to see a bit more on what PR 1.3 has to bring.

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