Nokia N9 PR 1.2 update shown on video

Nokia N9, the Meego running smartphone from Nokia is all set to receive its second software update. Dubbed PR 1.2, it brings a lot of much needed features, as well as some new ones. Some of the known updates this release will bring are

  • New languages
    • Persian
    • Hebrew
    • Kazakh
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
  • Software update notifications for content in Nokia Store
  • Face recognition for gallery and face tags for Facebook
  • Support for folders in the application view
  • Mail for Exchange global address book lookup
  • Mail thread support in the Email client
  • Extended copy-paste support
  • Media sharing with DLNA compatible devices
  • Improved browser history view
  • Compass support in Maps
  • QtWebKit update to version 2.2
  • New font taken into use
  • Front camera support
  • Video editing support in the Gallery application

Currently a beta version of the update has been seeded to developers carrying the N950, which is a developer version of N9. The video below details the PR 1.2 update in detail. It's in German but you still get a very good idea of what to expect.

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