Nokia Will Relaunch Iconic N-Series With Snapdragon 600 Series Claims Chinese Rumor


Nokia's making a strong comeback folks. The Finnish manufacturer has seen a lot of troubling times lately. It's acquisition and subsequent writing off by Microsoft and the absolute failures that the Lumia devices were won't be out of anyone's short term memory soon. However, with its partnership with HMD global, Nokia's making a strong comeback. Today, there's more information on one of the company's most iconic lineups, the Nokia N series. Take a look below to find out more.

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Nokia's on a good roll folks. It's recent smartphone launches have been so popular in China that people have started to dub them as flash sales. However, they aren't as the company clarified recently. Now, in addition to mid range smartphones, the company will also bring back its iconic N lineup. The N Series will boast the Snapdragon 600 series of processors and launch at the MWC.

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The Nokia 6's recent success has left HMDB Global with a lot of confidence. Using the Snapdragon 430 with 4GB of RAM, it's a dream come true and a godsend for China's huge medium-low tier smartphone market.  Now, with the N series reboot, Nokia wants to target medium tier smartphone devices, according to its alleged choice of processor for the alleged N-Series.

HMD's taking a great approach with Nokia if you ask us. Microsoft tried to mold the company along its approach and desire to launch smartphones which cut into Android and iOS. HMD, on the other, is playing Nokia's strengths alongside a fresh look on the smartphone equation. The company's strengths were a combination of solid mobiles with good price points and durability. Specification races were never popular with its user base. The success of the Nokia 6 bears testament to this fact.

An initial production target of 500,000 is set for the device, claims the rumor. If the launch is successful, then HMD might face another supply shortage like it did with the Nokia 6. The devices will launch at the MWC, so it isn't long until we'll find ou whether they'll bear fruit or now. HMD Global will also launch a highly powerful Nokia P1 at the MWC, claim reports. Big bets are in the air folks. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.