Noctua Displays Next-Gen NH-D15 Cooler, Fans and a Beast of a Passive Heatsink

Noctua, the cooling product experts from Austria, has just announced a whole plethora of next-gen products coming soon. The product lineups range from heatsink cooler, fully passive heatsinks, and next-gen 140mm fans.

Noctua Comes Out With A Huge Passive Heatsink This Year - Also Shows Next-Gen NH-D15 and 140mm Fans

Noctua at Computex Taipei 2019. As usual, we would like to give you a brief glimpse of what we are currently working on by displaying some exclusive prototypes and providing a first sneak preview of upcoming new products:

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  • Next-generation A-series fans (140, 80, 70, 60, 50mm)
  • White chromax line fans
  • Next-generation 150mm dual tower heatsink
  • Fanless CPU cooler

Next-generation 140mm A-series fan

  • Impeller made from Sterrox liquid-crystal polymer (LCP)
  • Fine-tuned pressure/airflow (P/Q) curve for heatsinks and radiators
  • Ultra-tight tip clearance
  • Metal-reinforced hub
  • Flow Acceleration Channels
  • AAO-Frame (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation)
  • Stepped Inlet Design
  • Integrated anti-vibration pads
  • SSO2 bearing
  • Current ETA: 2021

White Chromax line fans

  • Award-winning NF-A15 PWM, NF-A14 PWM, and NF-F12 PWM fans
  • Attractive white design, ideal for all-white or black-and-white builds
  • White anti-vibration pads
  • White cables
  • Optional colored cables and anti-vibration mounts
  • Current ETA: Q2 2020

Next-generation 140mm D-type coolers

  • Based on the award-winning NH-D15 & NH-D15S
  • 7 heatpipes and 10% more surface area for further improved performance
  • Increased maximum dissipation capacity (over 400W on TR4)
  • Asymmetrical design for improved PCIe clearance
  • 65mm RAM clearance in single fan mode
  • Single and dual fan versions (high compatibility / maximum performance)
  • Multi-socket (AM4, LGA20xx, LGA115x) and dedicated TR4 variants
  • Proven NF-A15 PWM fans
  • To be bundled with new NT-H2 thermal compound
  • Current ETA: Q1 2020

Next-generation 140mm D-type coolers

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Further improved cooling performance: The next-generation models use a fine-tuned variant of the original NH-D15’s dual tower heatsink design with 10% more surface area and 7 instead of 6 heatpipes. As this demonstration shows, this allows the upcoming dual fan version to provide even better cooling performance than its award-winning predecessor.

Enhanced capacity at higher heat loads: It’s at demanding heat loads such as with high TDP CPUs, extensive turbo use or overclocking where the next-generation models really play their strengths: As this demonstration shows, the dual fan TR4 version can confidently handle AMD Threadripper processors that put out more than 400W.


RAM and PCIe compatibility: All versions of the next-generation D-type cooler have inherited the asymmetrical design of the NH-D15S, which allows them to clear the top PCIe slots on most Micro-ATX motherboards. Thanks to the cut-outs for increased RAM clearance, the single fan versions can be used with modules of up to 65mm height.

Fanless CPU cooler

  • Completely custom-designed for best natural convection (passive cooling) performance
  • Enhanced performance with low-noise case fans or fan mounted on the cooler, ideal for semi-passive setups
  • Performance targets: up to 120W in a fanless case with good natural convection / up to 180W with quiet case fans or fan directly on the cooler
  • Asymmetric design for better PCIe clearance
  • 100% RAM compatibility on LGA115x and AM4
  • To be bundled with new NT-H2 thermal compound
  • Current ETA: 2020 Page 18 / 23 COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019 chromax line CPU coolers
  • All-black chromax line versions of the award-winning NH-D15, NH-U12S, and NH-L9i
  • Black heatsink, fan, anti-vibration pads, cables, and mounting parts
  • Color-customizable with optional red, blue, white, green and yellow anti-vibration pads and cables, as well as chromax line heatsink, covers
  • Current ETA: Q4 2019
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