ARCTIC Displays Wide Range of Products at Gamescom 2010.


ARCTIC Cooling are one of the best Cooler's and Hardware Manufacturer's known today. Recently they displayed a Wide range of products at Gamescom 2010 held in Cologne. You can check out more details on the products displayed below:

CPU Coolers:

A wide range of CPU Heatsinks and Cooler's were displayed by Arctic which includes:

  • Freezer Extreme Rev.2 (REVIEW)
  • Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 (REVIEW)
  • Freezer 7 LP
  • Alpine 11 Rev.2/11 Pro Rev.2/11 GT Rev.2

VGA Cooler:

Arctic makes some of the best VGA cooler's which are meant to deliver superior cooling performance to the GPU over the stock Heatsinks. The list below shows the VGA coolers displayed by Arctic:

  • Accelero Extreme 5970 (Compatible only with 5970)
  • Accelero Extreme 5870 (Compatible only with 5870)
  • Accelro Twin Turbo Pro
  • Accelro L2 Pro
  • Accelero S1 Rev.2
  • Accelero Extreme Plus
  • Turbo Modules Fans ( Compatible with Accelero S1 and S2)

Case and Ram Coolers:

The Arctic case fans listed below are available in 80,92 and 120 mm size and all come with 6 years warranty. All are extremely Quiet and come with screwless mounting feature:

  • Arctic F PWM Series
  • Arctic F TW Series
  • Arctic F Series

Coming to memory cooling, Well every hardware enthusiasts and overclockers needs memory to be properly cooler and Arctic just gave them the best coolers available for memory cooling. The following are avialble on their memory cooler's lineup:

  • Arctic RC Pro
  • RC Pro Turbo Module (Compatible with Arctic RC Pro)

Another great offering from Arctic is the Hard Driver cooler HC01-TC which is compatible with 3.5" Sata drives.Its extremely quiet and can cool upto 10C lower.

Power Accessories:

Many products and Accessories are listed under this Category which include a Power Supply Unit (PSU), Batteries and chargers. Complete products are listed below:

  • Arctic Fusion 550W PSU
  • Arctic Power
  • Arctic Power Rechargeable
  • Arctic Power Charger
  • Arctic C1 Mobile
  • Arctic C1 GT
  • Arctic C1 and C2
  • Arctic C3 and C4

Arctic Earphones and Headphones:

To those of you who didn't knew, Arctic makes some really good Ear and Headphones which are available at great prices. They are very stylish and available in White and Black Colors. Earphones list is below:

  • Arctic Sound E101
  • Arctic Sound E221
  • Arctic Sound E231
  • Arctic Sound E351
  • Arctic Sound E352
  • Arctic Sound E361

Headphone's list:

  • Arctic Sound P131
  • Arctic Sound P201
  • Arctic Sound P261
  • Arctic Sound P281
  • Arctic Sound P301
  • Arctic Sound P311
  • Arctic Sound P321
  • Arctic Sound P531

The Speaker lineup contains only one model but more are upcoming in Autumn 2010, The one available now is the Arctic Sound S111.

Thermal Compounds:

Something i really like about Arctic are the thermal paste which are the best out there. The MX-2 and MX-3 aare highly successful and you can check out the review of both below:

Thermal Grease Shootout

Mouse and Keyboards:

Only one keyboard was displayed, The Arctic K381 which features many buttons such as 12 office function keys, Volume control keys, Sharp and Clear Pressure points and is available in Black and white colors.

A wide range of mouse were displayed which include:

  • Arctic M361
  • Arctic M382
  • Arctic M371
  • Arctic M111
  • Arctic M121
  • Arctic M551
  • Arctic M571

Two cases were also showcased on Arctic's booth which included the Arctic Silentium T11 Black and White. It includes 2 120 mm fans and can support lengthy VGA cards with length up to 14".

USB Coolers:

A few Notebook and Desktop CPU cooler's were displayed too which include:

  • Arctic NC
  • Arctic Breeze mobile
  • Arctic Breeze Pro
  • Arctic Breeze

Other accessories:

A few other accessories which include carry bags and RC Trucks are also displayed which you can view in the image below:

Must been one hell of a showcase by Arctic displaying many new stuff to the crowd at Gamescom 2010. Here are a few pics from the event itself. So sit back and enjoy: