Nioh 2 Gorgeous New Screenshots Showcase New Yokai, Stages, Guardian Spirits and More


A new batch of Nioh 2 screenshots has been released online today, showing more of the upcoming action role-playing game in development by Team Ninja.

The new screenshots, which can be found below, focus on a brand new character, Saika Magoichi, the Yokai Tesso and Gyuuki, new stages Otari Castle and Ishiyama Hongan-ji, new Guardian Spirits and more.

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Today, a message from Nioh 2 director Fumihiko Yasuda has been shared on Twitter as well. In the message, it has been confirmed that the game is in the final stages of development and that additional information is going to be shared every week until release.

Nioh 2 is going to feature some changes over the beta, such as tweaks to difficulty and more.

Nioh 2 Overall Direction

  • Improve parts that felt unbalanced, and adjust the difficulty level
  • Adjust the penalties against the players in the Dark Realm, and introduce greater returns.
  • Alleviate the overall strictness of the player's Ki management
  • Expand and improve tutorial elements
  • Make refinements to the action and level design

Nioh 2 Player Action & Controls

  • Improve the lock-on tracking for the switchglaive. In addition to this, increase the amount of damage inflicted by low attacks.
  • Add Active Skills to all weapons. In particular, add several Active Skills for the new weapons (hand axe, switchglaive)
  • Strengthen several Yokai Abilities, and make them easier to use. Adjust the balance for all Yokai Abilities
  • Adjust the Yokai Shift and Burst Counters. Adjust the balance of the Brute, Feral, and Phantom, and adjust the counter ability against Burst Attacks
  • Adjust the Ki Pulse Bonus
  • Add a custom setting in controls, making it possible for more flexible key configurations

Nioh 2 is launching on PlayStation 4 worldwide on March 13th. No other version of the game has been confirmed so far, but it is likely that a PC release will come at a later time.