Nioh 2 Difficulty, Ki Management, Yokai Abilities Will Be Tweaked Following Beta’s Feedback


Some of Nioh 2 mechanics and features will be changed for the final release following beta feedback.

Today, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja published the results of the beta testing survey, highlighting some of the changes that will be made in time for release. The difficulty is going to be balanced and Ki management will be less strict. The tutorial is also going to be improved.

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Overall Direction

  • Improve parts that felt unbalanced, and adjust the difficulty level
  • Adjust the penalties against the players in the Dark Realm, and introduce greater returns.
  • Alleviate the overall strictness of the player's Ki management
  • Expand and improve tutorial elements
  • Make refinements to the action and level design

Weapons and Yoaki Abilities are also getting balanced, and controls customization will also be added to Nioh 2 in time for release.

Player Action & Controls

  • Improve the lock-on tracking for the switchglaive. In addition to this, increase the amount of damage inflicted by low attacks.
  • Add Active Skills to all weapons. In particular, add several Active Skills for the new weapons (hand axe, switchglaive)
  • Strengthen several Yokai Abilities, and make them easier to use. Adjust the balance for all Yokai Abilities
  • Adjust the Yokai Shift and Burst Counters. Adjust the balance of the Brute, Feral, and Phantom, and adjust the counter ability against Burst Attacks
  • Adjust the Ki Pulse Bonus
  • Add a custom setting in controls, making it possible for more flexible key configurations

The Nioh 2 UI is also getting some tweaks.


  • Add a system which allows Active Skill customisation settings to be saved/loaded.
  • Divide the tabs for shrine Offerings, and Blacksmith disassembly and selling
  • Add icons to identify consumable items that raise the proficiency of Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic
  • Other interface and usability related improvements

Nioh 2 launches on PlayStation 4 on March 13th, 2020.