Nintendo Switch Lite Modchip Runs Custom Software, Hacking Team Claims; Allegedly Also Works on ‘New’ Switch Model

Switch Lite Modchip

Team-Xecuter has shown off the new Nintendo Switch Lite running custom software through the use of a modding chip.

According to the hackers, they have successfully managed to install a custom operating system on the new Switch Lite model. This was already possible on the original Switch model, but Nintendo released a hardware revision last year to remedy this. Team-Xecuter later claimed to have hacked this revision, although no real proof was provided. A video has now been released showing off the Switch Lite running SX OS 3.0. The use of this custom operating system allows users to install homebrew software on the Switch, including custom apps and possibly games as well.

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We’ve included the video that Team-Xecuter released down below:

The video also shows a game being started through the Album application – something that isn’t possible via the Switch’s retail OS. The modchip is expected to be released early 2020 and should also work on the new Nintendo Switch models. The price for the chip hasn't been announced.

The Nintendo Switch is available globally now. Nintendo released its hybrid platform back in 2017. A more compact and lite version of the Switch, the Switch Lite, was released earlier this year alongside a hardware revision for the original Switch that allows for longer battery life.

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