Nintendo Switch Lite Can Output Video… To A 1984 Panasonic Boombox

Francesco De Meo
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Yesterday, we reported that the Nintendo Switch Lite is not compatible with the dock not due to software limitations, but to the console actually lacking the hardware to output video to any other device bar the console's screen. This, however, means nothing for people who are willing to show that some things are still possible to accomplish, no matter what.

YouTube channel My Mate VINCE shared a few hours ago a brand new video which shows a complicated setup that allows the Nintendo Switch Lite to be played on a 1984 Panasonic Boombox. The setup is far from being convenient, and the image quality is obviously terrible, but the video it's still a very entertaining watch.

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Hi, this video shows the Nintendo Switch Lite being played on a 1984 Panasonic Boombox. If you find yourself succumbing to 'Dock Envy' then you too can play the Switch Lite on your favourite TV with this workaround 🙂

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect console for those who like handheld gaming, and have no intention of playing the console on a bigger screen.

The Switch Lite is a great secondary Switch, though for many the inability to dock to a TV will be an understandable deal-breaker. It’s comfortable, aesthetically stylish, and plays games great, but it makes it awkward to play local multiplayer games and without detachable JoyCon it loses loads of existing functionality. A great gift for kids, perfect for those who wish to play a Switch by themselves in handheld mode, but for many, the original model will still be the better choice.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is now available worldwide.

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