New Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Details Possibly Leaked Ahead of Today’s Direct


Ahead of today’s full Nintendo Direct broadcast, new Monster Hunter Rise details might have surfaced.

The alleged details were posted on Reddit earlier today by leaker ‘PracticalBrush12’, who was among the first to leak Monster Hunter Rise for the Switch, but also proved to be spot on with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate related details.

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In a new post on Reddit, the leaker has now posted some interesting new details about the highly-anticipated Switch title, including info on two new areas, monsters, the help of NPCs, and weaponry. We’ve included the original post from ‘PracticalBrush12’ down below. As posted in the same thread, it's likely that this new info will be revealed during today's Direct.

Hey everyone, still working on some more but here's what I got for Monster Hunter.

2 new areas - sandy and volcanic means 2 new monsters! The spider and... a mud agnaktor like! Volvidon returns! Also Rajang is here, why There's some more about rampage, you fight like 5 different monsters at once while they attack a fortress with bunch of fortifications and you can use cannons ballistas and dragonators! Kind of a long area they break through, like tower defense maybe (not really tower defense). Also Apex monsters but it's unclear if those are as they were in 4U or different but the same name.

No idea if there will be another demo.

That's all she wrote, Brushie out!

EDIT. Guys I forgot, Hinoa wields a bow and Minoto a lance! And yes, it seems we will be able to get NPC help at least on the rampage quests!

As with all rumors and ‘leaks’, it should be noted that the information above should be taken a grain of salt for now. Time will tell if the leaker is again correct with his inside information regarding Monster Hunter Rise.

The new Nintendo Direct will air later today at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm GMT.