Nintendo 3DS being sold at $169 at Walmart starting today with free games


Its official, Walmart is selling the 3DS for $169.99 starting TODAY! As an added bonus if you buy the Nintendo 3DS right now you can avail the free games via the Ambassador status on the 12th so this is a double win for those of you putting off buying a Nintendo 3DS with the excuse of not having enough games to enjoy! Find out how to be an ambassador and receive your 20 free games properly from the E-Shop of the 3DS on the 12th.

This is a golden day for anyone living near a Walmart, the store is selling Nintendo 3DS for $169.99 ahead of schedule, while the handheld was supposed to sell for $169.99 effective August 12th Walmart is selling it for the discounted price early giving YOU the benefit of being an ambassador and being able to get 20 free games with your 3DS on the 12th of the month!

This is a fantastic deal for anyone living in the US and if you are an adult and can afford the ridiculously low price I highly recommend you grab this device right now and avail the benefits of owning a hell of handheld for an unbeatable price with 20 free games to come.

Head on over to Nintendo's page HERE to learn how to be an ambassador and be legible for the 20 free games