Nightingale Is Aaryn Flynn’s Shared World Survival Crafting Game Set in a Gaslamp Fantasy World


As teased earlier this week, Aaryn Flynn and his team of former BioWare veterans did indeed reveal their new game called Nightingale at The Game Awards 2021. However, there have been quite a few changes from what we previously knew about it.

First of all, Improbable Canada is now known as Inflexion Games, a studio of over 100 developers nowadays. Secondly, Nightingale won't be an online RPG as previously described, but a shared world survival crafting game; in fact, the word RPG is never uttered in the press release.

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Nightingale will be set in a Victorian gaslamp fantasy world. Aaryn Flynn, now CEO at Inflexion Games, said:

Our team at Inflexion Games has been working diligently to create this enthralling universe of magic, mystery, and wonder, and we are thrilled to finally be revealing it to the world. We are also privileged to have such extraordinary partners backing the studio, with the proud support of Tencent, as well as collaborating with Improbable’s worldwide teams as we leverage its IMS tools.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to build an intricate fantasy setting as rich and full of history and life as anything we’ve worked on in the past. The realms of Nightingale are vast and have many secrets to uncover, and we cannot wait for players to start discovering them

Inflexion Games is aiming to release Nightingale as an early access title on PC at some point in 2022. You may have a chance to play it before that, though, if you subscribe to closed beta testing on the game's website.

  • EXPLORE THE REALMS: Traverse foreboding forests, harrowing swamps, and shimmering deserts, as you restore the portals leading deeper into the lands of the Fae.

  • BUILD & CRAFT: Construct estates, farms, and communities to live off the land. Craft the tools, gear, and weapons you need to survive.

  • SHARED WORLD: Adventure alone, or unite with other players. Combine your strengths and skills, and face the challenges of the realms together.

  • GASLAMP FANTASY: Open-world realms immerse you in a mystical Victorian setting, where the remnants of humanity are threatened by the dark magic and nightmarish creatures of the Fae.

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