Nexus S is the Samsung GT-i9020

The Nexus S recently and already it is attracting a LOT of attention, despite what Samsung say's maybe they do have something to do with the Nexus S.

The Nexus S is a notorious Android phone which is definitely in the sights of many Hardcore Android OS phone owners right after the Droid 2. So far it has been confirmed that the Nexus S will definitely be Gingerbread ready Engadget has already pictured the Nexus S, the pictures are allegedly a month old

images courtest of engadget

As you can see from the last pic the model number is indeed i9020, so maybe Samsung IS working on the next Android phone.

UPDATE: 1:10 AM Nexus S could feature 4.5" Flexible AMOLED, my guess it will probably sport a high resolution display along with an 8MP camera. Processor speed could definitely be 1.6Ghz or more.

What do you think the Nexus S should come packing with? and do you believe Gingerbread (Android 3.0) will really be the vanilla OS on it and whether we can expect a release date before Christmas?

Source: Engadget

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