The Nexus 9 Unboxed – Take A First Look At The Device Here

Ramish Zafar

With the launch of the Nexus 9, Google massively upped the bar for top level tablets in the market. Except for Apple's iPad Air 2, the NExus 9 is currently the most powerful tablet in the market. But that's not to say that it isn't a great looking device either. The tablet weighs a mere 420 grams and is super thin for its specifications. So for those of you thinking to get their hands on the Nexus 9, we have an unboxing video for you which should help make things easier.

The Nexus 9 Unboxed To Show A Great Looking Device.

HTC and Google have put some thought behind the design of the Nexus 9 as can be seen in the video above. The slim form factor complete with smooth round edges make for a great mouth watering device indeed. The Nexus 9 comes with Nvidia's dual core Tegra K1 on board which is a performance and graphics beast. The Tegra K1 clocks at 2.3 GHz and comes with 192 GPU cores on board, enough to deliver desktop grade graphics performance on a device you can hold in your hands.

For photography lovers, the Nexus 9 comes with an 8 MP rear camera with f/2.4 aperture width. The front camera for the device has a resolution of 1.6 MP and all the images snapped with these will be displayed on 8.9 inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. The device is powered by a 6700 mAh battery. The Nexus 9 is also the first tablet to run Android 5.0, which itself brings a host of great features to the device. With Android 5.0 comes material design and a much more integrated series of different Android devices.

The Nexus 9 has made a huge splash in the mobile world indeed and Google's latest does not fail to disappoint. Have you already purchased a Nexus 9 or are planning to do so in the future? And how does the device look in the video? Let us know in the comments section about what you think.

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