New Xbox System Update Packing the “New Xbox Experience” With Redesigned & Faster UI is Being Deployed Across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


A new Xbox System update, packing the “New Xbox Experience” across Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series X|S is currently being deployed.

Microsoft detailed the update back in August of this year, highlighting its new features and look, optimized performance, and more.

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“The [Xbox] Home now loads over 15% faster when you boot your Xbox”, Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager lead, Jonathan Hildebrandt, and Head of Research & Design, Chris Novak, said in the video. “Is almost a third faster to load when returning from a game. We’ve updated the visual language, the information architecture, we’ve streamlined every aspect of getting into your games. From discovering your next favorite game, to getting together with friends to play.”

The duo added,” We’ve taken the destinations that everyone visits most often on the console, Home, guide, and Store, and focus not only on the craftsmanship, but also in reducing their footprint to maximize the console horsepower available to games.”

The new October update offers a new fresh look and feel alongside a new sign-in experience and profile themes. According to Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager, Harrison Hoffman, the update offers a shared experience across Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, although specific Xbox Series X|S features will only be available on the upcoming next-gen consoles.

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“We have a shared experience across Xbox One and Series X|S consoles”, Harrison explained. “Features that are specifically enabled by Series X|S hardware will only show up there, but beyond that, everyone gets to benefit from the improvements we’re making, across generations!”

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch globally next month on November 10th.