New World Suffers Downtime Prior to 1.01 Update, Amazon Addresses GPU Bricking Again [Update]

Nathan Birch
New World beta

Update: New World servers are now up again, and update 1.01 is now live (get more detail on the patch below).

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Original story: Amazon’s surprisingly popular new MMORPG New World was supposed to receive it’s first post-launch update today, but it seems there’s some trouble behind the scenes. The game was to go down for maintenance for around 4 hours, but Amazon has had to extend that a couple times, and as of now the game is still down due to “technical difficulties.”

Speaking of technical difficulties, Amazon has again addressed reports that New World has been bricking some high-level NVIDIA GPUs, most notably EVGA-produced GeForce RTX 3090 cards. This issue cropped up during New World beta testing, and it was largely determined to be a case of the game exposing flaws in the cards themselves. Unfortunately, this issue continues post launch, with some people still some reports of New World frying their RTX cards. Despite this, Amazon has again insisted New World is safe to play in a statement provided to PC Gamer

We have received a small number of reports of players encountering issues with various GeForce RTX cards. After a lengthy investigation, we have verified that there is no unusual behavior from New World that causes these issues. EVGA has previously acknowledged manufacturing issues on some GeForce RTX cards. New World is safe to play, and we encourage players who have encountered a hardware issue to contact the manufacturer.

Once New World gets back online, these are the major changes you can expect from update 1.01:


Changed turret projectiles in War from physical projectiles to use hitscan detection. This should help performance in War, with fewer objects being spawned in the world.

AFK Prevention

In an effort to ensure players can’t stay AFK, especially in higher population servers, we’ve made the following adjustments to the AFK prevention system.

  • Added additional AFK prevention to ensure players cannot fool the existing system with simulated mouse movement.
  • Shortened the AFK warning message from 20mins to 15mins.
  • Shortened the AFK disconnect from 25mins to 20mins.

World Queue

We added a confirmation screen when a player attempts to leave the queue for a world, asking the player to confirm if they’re intending to leave the queue. This should help ensure nobody accidentally leaves the queue and misses out on their spot in line.

If you need to know about ever minor bug fix included in New World ver. 1.01, you can check out the full, unabridged patch notes here.

New World is available now on PC.

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