New The Last of Us HBO vs The Last of Us Part I Comparison Video Shows How Faithful The Show is to the Game

Aernout van de Velde
the last of us HBO vs last of us part I comparison

A new The Last of Us HBO vs The Last of Us Part I comparison video has been released, showing how faithful the show actually is to the game.

Back in September of last year, we already covered a comparison video following the release of a trailer for the HBO tv show, and with Episode 1 of the series now having premiered, we have a new comparison video. Like the previous comparison video, this comparison is from YouTuber 'ElAnalistaDebits', and highlights the eye of detail, differences, and similarities between the game and the tv show. Please note that this video does contain spoilers so if you haven't played the game just yet, or haven't watched the first episode of the tv show, it might be better to stay away from this video for now.

The video clearly shows faithful recreations of iconic scenes and objects from the game as well as similarities between clothing. Meanwhile, there as clear differences between the show and the game, most notably the absence of spores in the show - these have been replaced by tendrils.

"Craig is right, there are certain additions that we made to the show, which I really liked", Druckmann said in a recent interview with Collider. "We wanted to avoid making a zombie show. We have the Clickers, which helps separate us, by grounding them in one way. But also, they’re such interesting, weird beings, and they use echolocation to find their way around. But with the more recently infected, we had a lot of conversation about what that vector could look like because there are certain things from the game that we took away. The game had spores in the air and people had to wear gas masks, and we decided, early on, that we didn’t wanna do that for the show. Eventually, those conversations led us to these tendrils. And then, just thinking about how there’s a passage that happens from one infected to another, and like fungus does, it could become a network that is interconnected. It became very scary to think that they’re all working against us in this unified way, which was a concept that I really liked, that got developed in the show."

What do you think about this comparison? Hit the comments down below. The second episode of The Last of Us TV show will premiere next week.

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