New Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection Details Might Have Leaked; Reportedly Being Officially Announced During Next Week’s Rumored Direct

Aernout van de Velde
super mario 35th anniversary collection details zippoo24

New details about the rumored Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection for the Nintendo Switch might have surfaced online.

As reported back in March of this year, Nintendo is said to be gearing up to celebrate the 35th anniversary with a re-release of most of the older Super Mario titles on the Switch, including Super Mario 3D World, Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and then Super Mario Galaxy, and possibly, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Since VGC’s initial report, several major media outlets have reported on the 35th-anniversary collection being the real deal, although Nintendo has yet to officially announce its existence.

So when will this highly-anticipated collection of Mario remasters will be announced? Well, according to reputable Nintendo insider ‘Zippo’, Nintendo will officially be announcing the Mario 35th Anniversary Collection during next week’s rumored Nintendo Direct broadcast, which is supposed to air on July 20. Aside from Nintendo’s official announcement, Zippo also had some other interesting details to share about the upcoming Mario remasters on Nintendo’s hybrid platform.

In a now edited post on ResetEra, the insider revealed that, as we’ve reported on earlier, Nintendo is said to be releasing multiple compilations, with the first one including 1996’s Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine, and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy. Those expecting full-blown remasters might be disappointed to learn that, according to Zippo, Mario 64 will just be a “slightly better looking” port with widescreen support on the Switch. Both Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy are said to be simple HD ports of the original games that released for the Gamecube and Nintendo Wii.

super mario 35th anniversary collection details zippoo

“I think there might be a couple visual upgrades for models, but I think for the most part, it'll be more or less the original game in widescreen”, Zippo said in a follow-up post on ResetEra regarding the Mario 64 Remaster.

He later added, “I'm doing my best to level people's expectations. Some people are expecting a Mario 64 remake in the Odyssey engine, and that's not happening, lol.”

Then for the rumored Deluxe edition of Super Mario 3D World – this will be Nintendo’s title that will be receiving plenty of “new” stuff. Unfortunately, additional details about the contents of this “Deluxe” edition weren’t provided just yet.

As with all rumors, take these Mario 35th-Anniversary remaster rumors with a fair pinch of salt for now. We’ll update as soon as more info comes in.

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