New Pokemon GO Update for Android Users Has Been Released


Niantic has released a brand new update to Pokemon GO for Android users, pushing the build number to 0.59.2.

Download the New Pokemon GO Update on Your Android Device

Niantic has recently pushed out a new version of its game Pokemon GO for all Android users around the globe. If you are expecting that this build brings with it brand new features, then you will be disappointed to learn that it does not. In fact, it focuses on fixing bugs and improving performance across devices. Nothing more, nothing less. The announcement of the new update was made using the official Pokemon GO Twitter account.

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If you have the game installed right now, then it's likely that the update was installed in the background, given you have auto updates enabled in the first place. If not, then you can find the download link to the game for both iOS and Android at the foot of this post.

Apart from the new 0.59.2 update, Niantic has also announced that its mighty Water Festival has come to an end. This means you have to go near a water body if you are willing to catch yourself a water-based Pokemon like Magikarp. Speaking of which, the Shiny Magikarp is still out in the wild right now, and it seems as though Niantic has extended the opportunity for players to catch the rare Pokemon. But for how long exactly, we can't say. Still, it's a good opportunity to bag yourself something rare, and players shouldn't miss this golden chance.

The game is absolutely free to play, and you can get started by tapping on the links below. Be wary of the fact that the game does contain in-app purchases to those who want to boost their gameplay without getting into much trouble. And since there is real money involved in the process, therefore keep an eye on those iTunes transactions.

We will keep our readers updated if there is more news regarding Pokemon GO. Till then, take the time out to catch yourself a Shiny Magikarp and brag about it in front of your friends.