New MGSV Update Lets You Buy FOB Insurance With Real Money


A new MGSV update is available now, and it's mainly centered on the Forward Operating Base missions.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 6 One aspect in particular is surely going to start a heated discussion in the gaming community: you will now be able to buy insurance service for your Forward Operating Base, with real money.

FOB insurance service begins!

Your FOBs are always at risk of coming under attack. Now, you can rest easy with FOB insurance (paid service). If you sign up for insurance, then during the insurance period you will be compensated for any materials and staff lost due to rival infiltrations.
* Staff/materials stolen by the rival will in fact remain on your base, and an identical amount of staff/materials will be handed over to the rival instead.
* MB Coins are purchased with real money, but free MB Coins are also distributed periodically as login bonuses, etc.
* The following are not covered by FOB insurance:
・Staff/items that are not fully your property, such as abducted staff being held in your Brig (FOB)
・Wounded staff (staff lost due to death or extraction will be compensated)
・Staff used by you to deploy in defense of the FOB (neither death nor extraction will be compensated)
・Nuclear weapons

A nice addition is that you can now complete an infiltration without the rival player being notified. Of course, that requires you not to be spotted, or to kill/extract staff and damage/extract containers.

Other changes include new Event FOB missions and new equipment. Here's the full list:

New "Event FOB" missions added!

Until now, only the FOBs of rival players could be infiltrated, but following this update you will have access to special "Event FOBs" prepared by the game developers.
In "Event FOB" missions, there is no risk of retaliation (no defending player will invade your base later as revenge), so you can steal materials and abduct staff without fear of repercussions.

New and improved missions for Combat Deployment (Online)! Rewards also get a huge boost!

Get ready for a broader, more varied range of missions available in Combat Deployment (Online). The rewards will diversify to match!
Some missions may reward you with extremely high-rank soldiers, and others may provide rare medicinal plants such as Haoma and Digitalis (Lutea).
Additionally, the time it takes your units complete their mission can be shortened using MB Coins.
* MB Coins are purchased with real money, but free MB Coins are also distributed periodically as login bonuses, etc.
* Deployment time can only be shortened in Combat Deployment (Online) missions. Normal offline missions cannot be shortened.

New equipment added! A higher level of performance... Grade 7!

New weapons and items are on the way, to give you that added edge in missions. Additionally, where the highest possible grade of equipment was previously Grade 6 (★6), following the update you will have access to development projects of Grade 7 (★7)!

Night vision equipment can now be developed for your Security Team staff!

You will now be able to develop special NVGs for your security guards, to give them an advantage against night-time invaders and vision-restricting tactics such as smoke grenades. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize the abilities of your Security Team.

Infiltrate without leaving a trace!

If you avoid being spotted by enemies, and refrain from killing/extracting staff and damaging/extracting containers and equipment, you can now play all the way through an FOB infiltration without the rival player being notified.
Enjoy this added thrill to your FOB Missions!

FOB expansion time reduction now available!

Constructing new platforms for your FOBs takes a long time, but now you can use MB Coins (paid service) to purchase time reduction and speed things up!
The more platforms on your FOB, the more difficult it will be for a rival to infiltrate unseen.
* MB Coins are purchased with real money, but free MB Coins are also distributed periodically as login bonuses, etc.

Improvements to on-screen UI elements and point scoring!

Following the update, there will be certain improvements to the way data is displayed on menus such as the Controls and Results screens; for example, detailed breakdowns of espionage points earned or damage suffered due to your FOB being infiltrated. Look forward to a tighter, more refined FOB Mission experience.

GMP and materials limits are greatly increased online!

Following this update, the maximum amounts of GMP and materials you can possess will be much higher than before, as additional amounts can now be stored online by the server.
* You will need to be online to make use of GMP or materials amounts that exceed the local limit (the limit when playing offline).
* While offline, you will not be able to make use of GMP or materials stored on the server.

Other changes

Improvements have also been made to other elements, including PF Rating, which indicates the strength of your Mother Base, and sort functions on the mission deployment prep screen.
Also, for auto-assigning staff to units, an option for prioritizing the Security Team has been added, to make FOB Missions even easier to enjoy. Various balance adjustments and bug fixes have been implemented as well.

This MGSV update also unlocks Metal Gear Online, which will be available on consoles starting today. Sadly, PC gamers will need to wait for January 2016 as previously reported.