New Metal Gear Solid V ‘Day 30 Patch’ To Arrive With Metal Gear Online; DLC Up In Store(s)


According to Neogaf poster Gskyace, a new update for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, will arrive with Metal Gear Online.

Gskyace posts that a patch and downloadable content is needed to play Metal Gear Online. The patch consists of a new 'Day 30 patch', which will be available for download to update Metal Gear Solid V. According to Gksyace, Konami has stated that the downloadable content includes Metal Gear Online Data, which can be downloaded on the regular game stores. The DLC is called MGO Game Data Ver 1.00.

At the moment of writing the DLC is available for download at the Japanese PS Store. The PS4 version is almost 1GB (913MB) in size, and can be downloaded here.

Judging from the file size of the DLC, assets from Metal Gear Solid V have been used for Metal Gear Online. It could also mean that a lot of content was already in the game itself.

According to Gskyace this was made public by Konami Asia. With the new patch and DLC, players will be able to launch Metal Gear Online from the MGS V: TPP menu. The downloadable content is vital to be able to play Metal Gear Online.

If Neogaf is to believed, the patch is rolled out for Xbox One players as we speak.