New Kingdom Hearts Game On PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Would Likely Release Late In The Generation, Tetsuya Nomura Says

Francesco De Meo
Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts series may make its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but it is likely a new game would be released late in the console generation.

Speaking with Dengeki, as summarized by Siliconera, series director Tetsuya Nomura commented on the possibility of the series making its debut on the new console, saying that it would likely release late in the generation, pretty much like Kingdom Hearts III release late in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation. He also added that the game would have to be stunning.

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Unfortunately, it seems like this Kingdom Hearts game is not in development. In the interview with Dengeki, Tetsuya Nomura highlighted how even the planning of this game is "tentative" as of now.

The latest main entry in the series is Kingdom Hearts III, released last year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the game's pacing leaves something to be desired, it is a worthy conclusion of the story arc that began in the original game. The story is moved forward by the recently released Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, but it seems like we will be waiting a long time to see Sora, Donald and Goofy embark on a new, proper adventure.

Now that the story has finally come to an end, was the wait for Kingdom Hearts III worth it? In many ways, I could absolutely have to say so. This has consistently been one of Square Enix’s best action RPG series and the combat has been elevated to a level that no other developer could match. There’s still the issue of camera controls and contextual attacks that can lead to pulling off the wrong moves, but Sora and the Keyblade Hero 3 are in peak form this time around. The story, on the other hand, is far more convoluted and massive story dumps on the player detract from the final hours of gameplay. If you’ve been following the story so far, these scenes can reward you with a massive payoff that can help you feel a myriad of emotions by the time the credits start rolling. However, if you’re a bit of a novice like myself when it comes to the 15 years of Kingdom Hearts lore, you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering just what happened in those last few hours of wielding the Kingdom Key.

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