New Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Update 2.11 for PS5/PS4 Packs UI Changes and Fixes Alongside Trials of Iyo Rewards Boosts


Following the release of the 2.10 patch from earlier this month, developer Sucker Punch has now released Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut update 2.11 for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We've got you covered with its contents.

The new patch is available for download on both platforms right now, and packs fixes for several issues, including a fix for Remote Play touchpad gestures which caused the PS5 version of the game to register swipes and movement on the touchpad as a click, thereby entering focused mode. This new update should address this issue.

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In addition, the new update adds an interface to track Common Courtesy trophy progress and boosts Trials of Iyo Rewards. Aside from these changes and fixes, the new patch also restores missing NG+ cosmetics for some players in Legends mode.

“This adds UI to track Common Courtesy trophy progress, fixes Remote Play touchpad gestures, boosts Trials of Iyo rewards, and restores NG+ cosmetics missing in Legends for some users, plus other bug fixes and adjustments”, the game’s development team writes on Twitter.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is available globally now for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This extended cut was released last month and packs PS5-specific enhancements in addition to the new Iki Island expansion.

Uncover the hidden wonders of Tsushima in this open-world action adventure from Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation Studios, available for PS5 and PS4.

Forge a new path and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima. Challenge opponents with your katana, master the bow to eliminate distant threats, develop stealth tactics to ambush enemies and explore a new story on Iki Island.