New Coffee Lake CPUs Intel Core i5 8600, i5 8500 and More In Stock At Provantage


Earlier today we saw word of Intel's new Coffee Lake CPUs, seven new SKUs including the i5 8600 and i5 8500 which are mostly locked versions of CPUs we already have and the new Pentiums. The new SKUs will be accompanying the lower end non Z series motherboards, the B360, H370 and H310. This will finally allow people to buy into the Coffee Lake platform with a motherboard below $120

Intel's 8th Generation Lineup In Stock: The More Coffee The Better!

The CPUs are priced between $220 and $50 USD which allows Intel to have full competition with AMD in the CPU market, the pricing on the CPUs is as follows.

Intel To Discontinue 8th Gen Coffee Lake Desktop CPUs, Flagship Core i7-8700K Goes EOL Too

  • Core i5 8600: $220
  • Core i5 8500: $200
  • Core i3 8300: $135
  • Pentium Gold G5600: $93
  • Pentium Gold G5500: $83
  • Celeron G4920: $62
  • Celeron G4900: $51

As we expected Z390 motherboards and 8 Core CPUs won't be launching with these SKUs, we have heard multiple times that these 8 core Coffee Lake CPUs won't be arriving until summer of this year.

WccftechCores/ThreadsBase Clock
Core i5 8600K6 C/6 T3.6GHz
Core i5 8600 (New)6 C/6 T3.1GHz
Core i5 8500 (New)6 C/6 T3.0GHz
Core i3 8350K4 C/4 T4.0GHz
Core i3 8300 (New)4 C/4 T3.7GHz
Core i3 81004 C/4 T3.6GHz
Pentium Gold G5600 (New)2 C/4 T3.9GHz
Pentium Gold G5500 (New)2 C/4 T3.8GHz
Pentium Gold G5400 (New)2 C/4 T3.7GHz
Celeron G4920 (New)2 C/2 T3.2GHz
Celeron G4900 (New)2 C/2 T3.1GHz

Personally I find the Core i5 8600 and Core i5 8500 to be the most interesting, hitting that sub $230 price point which AMD is absolutely commanding the market with the Ryzen 5 1600 and 1600X As the $200-$260 market is one of the largest price brackets for gamers and enthusiasts. Intel's 8600K is just a bit too high priced out of that market to totally capture it. While AMD offers SMT for an additional 6 threads, most games won't fully utilize them and many gamers will be very satisfied with the higher IPC and out of the box performance the other i5's will fill out the lineup nicely being priced at $220 and $200 respectively, with the i5 8400 priced currently at $180 fills out the mid tier market very well.

as the i3 8300 is more of the same compared to the i3 8100 by only bringing up 100MHz on the core clock and with no boost or turbo clock to speak of and the aforementioned i3 8100 seems like a better option at the $70-$110 price bracket which includes the new Pentium G SKUs that at $80 don't seem all that interesting for budget options and that's not even bringing the Ryzen 2200G (Which we recently benchmarked) into the conversation.

The Celeron could see some very solid use in budget/E-sports Gaming PC's pushing 3.2GHz at $60 although most games out today will choke the life out of anything below a quad core CPU. We expect to see these on retailers shelves in the coming weeks.

If you would like to pick up a Intel Core i5 8600K, Core i5 8400  or Ryzen 5 1600 (ethics disclaimer: These are affiliate links and we will receive a commission from Amazon/Newegg).

News Source: Videocardz