Nest Wifi Router 2-Pack is Currently $60 Off, Now Just $239 [Was $299]


You can save a lot of money on the Nest Wifi mesh system 2-pack. Normally going for $299, it's down to just $239 for limited time.

Nest Wifi Drops to its Lowest Price Ever in Limited Time Sale, Cover 4,400 Square Feet with Two Powerful 4x4 Wi-Fi

Covering the entire home with solid Wi-Fi can be a daunting task. That's why systems like Nest Wifi exist, but they can be pricey at times. Thankfully, for a limited time only, the Nest Wifi router 2-pack is discounted to $239, down from $299.

Somewhat of a successor to Google Wifi, Nest Wifi packs in some interesting features that make it unique. For starters, it's faster than Google Wifi, offering AC2200 speeds wirelessly. And with a convenient setup process using an app for iOS and Android, it's easy to replace your existing Wi-Fi system in a matter of minutes.

You can access your network remotely from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, and the one at your home is working as well. You can see how many devices are connected, who is using how much bandwidth and so on. There are intelligent features built into the Nest Wifi system as well, such as the ability to pause Wi-Fi for some family time and more.

If you have a lot of dead-spots at home and your current Wi-Fi router just isn't cutting it, then you might want to invest in this system. With a discount of $60 attached right off the bat, you're saving a lot of money on a system that screams quality and speed.

There are no discount codes to play around with. Just add it to your cart and checkout as you normally would.

Buy Google Nest Wifi Router 2 Pack (2nd Generation) – 4x4 AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi Routers with 4400 Sq Ft Coverage - Was $299, now just $239

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