MSI Also Teases Z87 MPower MAX Motherboard With Military Class 4 Components


Z87 MPower

MSI has recently been teasing their upcoming Z87 motherboards through Facebook. They posted a teaser picture of their upcoming Z87 XPower board only a day ago showcasing its new Military Class 4 components. Today, MSI has released another teaser photo of their upcoming motherboard known as the Z87 MPower MAX.

MSI Z87 MPower MAX Teased - Comes With Military Class 4

While the Z87 XPower makes use of a total of 16 VRMs, the Z87 MPower MAX would feature 20 (8+12) VRMs further boosting the overclocking capabilities of the board. Along with these, MSI Z87 MPower would use Hi-C Caps, Super Ferrite Chokes and more features that would be revealed during the next month. Overclockers can add additional power to the processor with Dual 8-Pin connectors which is the same scheme as their XPower Z87 motherboard.

The electrical components are well hidden beneath the large U-shaped heatsink block. The Z77 MPower used heatpipe cooling system which ran through a set of heatsink, it could be possible that a similar cooling mechanism is featured on the new Z87 MPower MAX motherboard. The motherboard does retain its black and yellow design scheme. Another heatsink would be allocated to the PCH although its design is yet to be seen. The motherboard includes a three PCI-e 3.0 x16 and a few PCI-e x1 3.0 slots along with the addition of an M-Sata slot to support MSATA SSDs or WiFi modules. You can see the other teaser photo below:

So far we have seen two MSI Z87 motherboard teasers, one is the Z87 XPower and he other is their Z87 MPower Max motherboard. Both use Military Class 4 components, feature the LGA 1150 socket to support Haswell CPUs and can support DDR3 O.C memory upto 3200 MHz. More features and models of MSI's lineup would be detailed as their launch nears. Intel's Haswell processors themselves arrive in June along with socket LGA 1150 based Z87 motherboards.