MSI MEG X570S Unify-X MAX Motherboard Achieves 2.55 GHz FCLK On Air & 2.85 GHz FCLK On LN2 With AMD Ryzen 5000G APU


Overclockers recently have been pushing the X570 & B550 line of motherboards to achieve the highest FCLK (Infinity Fabric Clock) possible on AMD's Ryzen platform. We have seen various OC results posted over the last few days but it looks like MSI has hit an insane overclock of 2.85 GHz FCLK with LN2 cooling.

MSI MEG X570S Unify-X Motherboard Pushed To Its Limit, Achieves 2.55 GHz (AIR) & 2.85 GHz (LN2) FCLK With AMD Ryzen 5000G APU

So far, overclockers have only been able to push the AMD Ryzen platform to 2.5-2.55 GHz FCLK OC. The MSI MEG B550 Unify-X and EVGA X570 DARK motherboards have been leading the race but it's time MSI decided to take things up a notch with their upcoming MEG X570S Unify-X MAX board. In-house overclocker of MSI, Toppc, and the entire MSI overclocking team based in Taiwan, was all set to accomplish the task of achieving the highest FCLK OC, and that he did.

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Using an AMD Ryzen 5000G APU (Ryzen 7 PRO 5750G) and the aforementioned motherboard with Crucial's Ballistix MAX memory which is outfitted with Micron DRAM and can hit XMP-5100 (CL19-26-26-48-82), the overclocker first pushed the platform on air cooling on default clocks for the AMD Ryzen APU. The overclocker was able to achieve an impressive 2.55 GHz FCLK rating (DDR4-2544 CL20-26-26-48-118-1T) which was stable throughout a 1-hour stress test. That shows that even on air-cooling, fantastic results could be achieved with AMD's latest Ryzen 5000G APUs.

MSI MEG X570S Unify-X & AMD Ryzen 5000G With 2.55 GHz FCLK OC (Air Cooled)

But using LN2 just changes the landscape. at its default CPU frequency, the AMD Ryzen platform and the MSI MEG X570S Unify-X motherboard were able to achieve up to 2.7 GHz FCLK (DDR4-2694 CL16-15-15-21-45-1T) at a voltage of 1.5V. What's more impressive is that the OC was stable within the AIDA64 benchmark and reported latency of 42.0ns which can be seen in the screenshot below:

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MSI MEG X570S Unify-X & AMD Ryzen 5000G With 2.70 GHz FCLK OC (LN2 Cooled)

However, when overclockers know that a platform is benchmark stable then they are pretty sure that more juice could be squeezed out in terms of overclocking. That is essentially what MSI's OC team did and pushed the AMD Ryzen 5000G & MSI MEG X570S Unify-X motherboard platform even further. The final and record FCLK frequency that was achieved is 2.85 GHz (DDR4-2844.2 CL20-26-26-48-133-1T) and is the highest ever achieved on the AMD Ryzen CPU or APU platform.

MSI MEG X570S Unify-X & Ryzen 5000G With 2.85 GHz FCLK OC (LN2 Cooled)

This is just mind-blowing stuff from the overclocking team over at MSI HQ and shows the impressive overclocking capabilities of MSI's MEG X570S lineup. The MSI MEG X570S Unify-X MAX motherboard is expected to launch on the 17th of August so stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.