Mount and Blade II Mod Tools Showcased by Taleworlds, Due This Month


The official Mount and Blade II Bannerlord mod tools have been showcased by developer TaleWorlds in the latest video diary and they look really deep. TaleWorlds went on to describe exactly what can be done with the Mount and Blade II Bannerlord mod tools in a Steam post.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Scene Editor and some of its many tools.

The Scene Editor is used by our level designers to create and edit all of the game’s scenes, including the world map.

The Terrain Select and Terrain Elevation tools allow modders to create terrains of various sizes and sculpt their geometry. With this menu, users can also export height and material maps or import new ones to the scene.

With the Paint Terrain Layer tool, modders can then paint the terrain with various textures like desert sands, lush grass, or cobblestones. This tool can also be used to generate forests and farmlands with ease.

Meanwhile, the Add Flora tool is much more controlled and is well suited for detail work, such as placing various rocks and vegetation.

Add Entities allows modders to access the entire prefab pool of Bannerlord, as well as any new ones they have added to the game. These entities can then be manipulated in many ways, from simple rotation and scale changes to modifying their texture or colour, changing their physics properties, or adding sound, light and particle effects, as well as scripts.

The Atmosphere Editor allows modders to select from a number of preset atmospheres, or create new ones.

Finally, the Global Illumination tool bakes precomputed lighting values onto the scene to simulate realistic lighting conditions.

Alongside the Scene Editor, we’ll be sharing a number of other modding tools.

The mesh editor allows modders to import and export meshes and adjust some of their properties.

The material editor allows modders to create and define materials and their properties.

The texture editor allows modders to import and export textures and adjust some of their properties.

The particle editor is a fairly comprehensive tool that enables the creation and editing of particle effects using many inbuilt features.

The cloth editor allows modders to define cloth simulation values for meshes.

Finally, the model viewer allows modders to review meshes, skins and animations while allowing for multiple assets to be loaded together.

The 'first batch' of Mount and Blade II mod tools are expected to be released later this month in a patch that will also include other improvements to the game, such as autoblock (for single player only), an overhaul of the formation AI, spear bracing, hooked spear dismount animations, and new Sturgian armor pieces and shields.

Mount and Blade II Bannerlord Is Officially Coming to Consoles and Retail

Mount and Blade II is expected to stay in early access at least until March 2021. For our first impressions written right at the game's debut, check this article.