Moto 360 Successor “Smelt” to Flaunt Full Circular Design – Leaked Images


There couldn't have been a better confirmation of the next gen Moto 360 than Lenovo's executive himself posting about it last month. The later-deleted announcement in March was then followed by another leak that shared the Moto 360 successor has a codename "Smelt". This leak further shared that the upcoming Moto Android wearable will have a 360 x 360 res display and the processor will be "armeabi-v7a" which was assumed to be an ARM v7 chip.

Latest Moto 360 successor details leaked:

While the first hint by Lenovo executive had shared a suitcase full of accessories Moto 360 successor, the latest leak shares some much awaited design details. The original Moto 360 although was a round smartwatch but it had a dead bar at the bottom of the gadget. This dead portion was there to ensure the thin bezels around the device, Motorola had claimed.

This was perhaps the only part of the design that was complained about by the users affecting the sleekness and beauty of the watch - along with of course the plastic back that was prone to damage over time. Seems like Moto 360 successor will do away with this dead portion as the company was able to design a fully round watch designed in the classical way with thin bezels.

The leak further shares that upcoming Moto 360 will be built with stainless steel similar to the original smartwatch. Will Motorola be including this material on the back too saying goodbye to the break-prone plastic? Nothing is mentioned in today's leak at least.

Motorola is expected to keep the design same this year around, removing the dead portion at the bottom, improving app performance and working on the battery life. Nothing major is expected on the design front but there's a lot to be done on the software side. Moto 360 successor will be powered by Android 5.1 and as mentioned earlier in the post will have a 360 x 360 resolution display panel. Looking at the first leak by Lenovo official, it was evident that the company will allow quite a wide array of customization with two different dial sizes and many colors.

Source: Weibo