Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Adventure Games of 2018 – Where Are We Going?

We've had some great experiences in 2017, some really moving games and some really imaginative places to explore. No matter what people (still) say about video games, you can't argue that they lack imagination. But looking ahead, 2018 looks to have even more creative, interesting and curious titles, and here's a list of just a few that will surely excite fans of adventure games.

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Fe (Official site)

An EA Originals game, Fe is being developed by Zoink Games, mostly known for The Kore Gang. What we've seen so far is very enticing, to say the least. In Fe, players will control a fox-like creature whose ultimate goal is to protect the forest from mysterious entities called Silent Ones while befriending and gaining the help of the forest's own inhabitants. It should be quite the adventure, with Zoink promising secret ruins, hidden artifacts and the likes. It's due early this year for PC (Origin), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

We Happy Few (Official Site)

We Happy Few was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in July 2015 and it's been available on Steam Early Access and Game Preview since Summer 2016.

While its art style is very much reminiscent of Bioshock, the game is something else entirely. To put it in the words of Compulsion Games (the folks behind Contrast):

It’s a first-person game set in a procedurally generated, fully 3D city that you must escape before society collapses around you. But, like any good roguelike, you’re probably going to die a few times before you figure out how it all works.

You will need to learn how to conform and avoid suspicion. You will need to hunt for supplies and craft the devices and weapons that enable you to make it out of town alive. What do the Wellies approve of you doing? What makes them suspicious? What turns them into a homicidal mob? And is there anyone here who can help you?

Welcome, my friends. It’s another fabulous day in Wellington Wells.

We Happy Few is currently set to launch on April 13th, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Detroit: Become Human (Official Site)

Now this game has had a bit of a mixed reputation later. The Paris Games Week trailer possibly didn’t have the reaction that the studio was hoping for, as it almost completely missed the mark. Then again, anything from the unusual mind of David Cage is worth getting excited by. His last two games, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain were great, for the most part; our own Kai also enjoyed his hands-on at the PlayStation Experience 2017. It's hard to say that Quantum Dreams games are flawless, but they’re sort of cultural moments in gaming. Like those B-movies that everyone has to see, Detroit will doubtlessly become another watercooler moment for games.

The Last Night (Official Site)

Like Detroit: Become Human, this game had a somewhat mixed reaction. After being announced at E3 this year, it took less than 24 hours before the creator of The Last Night was swept up in some of his past mistakes. While interviews attempted to clear up the incident, excitement for The Last Night tempered a bit. But regardless of the conversations about whether a creator can be detached from their creation, the trailer for The Last Night was just great. The cyberpunk setting, the amazing neon soaked pixel art, and the atmosphere all look incredible. Whether or not you can look past its creator, you’ve got to admit that it's at least something to look out for in 2018.

A Way Out (Official Site)

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons was a fantastic, imaginative, one of a kind experience. The way it blended player interaction with the game's mechanics were groundbreaking for the time. And now the makers of Brothers are creating A Way Out. That alone is reason enough to get very excited by The Way Out. But on top of all of that, all we’ve seen of A Way Out points to it being another fantastic, imaginative, one of a kind experience. Played exclusively with a friend, you follow the story of a prison break. On the surface that might not be much, but with cutscenes only affecting one player, giving the other the opportunity to complete their task, and the multiplayer routes to solving a problem, there looks to be something special in A Way Out.

Honorable Mentions

There are other noteworthy adventure games coming in 2018, of course. Subnautica and Astroneer, for instance, are two of the most interesting ones coming from indie studios.

Both adventure games incorporate survival elements, though one is set in the depth of the oceans while the other is in space. Subnautica will launch on PC later this month (no word yet on the Xbox One release date), while the team behind Astroneer estimates that the game could be out in the second half of 2018 on the same platforms.

Horror themed titles can also be considered adventure games by and large and you can find our selection for 2018 in this article. Feel free to add your own preferences in the comments!

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