Mortal Shell Beta Now Available to the Public on Epic Games Store


The Mortal Shell beta, previously meant to be closed, has now been opened up to the public after the developers at Cold Symmetry cited 'overwhelming demand' from the community.

This means everyone can download the Mortal Shell beta from this Epic Games store page on PC.

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You are invited to be among the first to play the Mortal Shell Beta. This is a passion project from a small indie team united by one vision: to return people to that familiar, satisfying pain of a traditional soulslike - deliberate, measured, and merciless.

Mortal Shell Beta

This Beta build allows you to possess two Mortal Shells - Harros and Tiel - to better understand their subtleties in combat. This Beta does not include spoilers (we decided to keep the story a secret for just a little longer) and we have deliberately cordoned-off much of the open sprawling marshland of Fallgrim to keep you focused.
Before we leave you, a warning: Mortal Shell was made for battle-hardened soulslike fans. It is vindictive design, assembled with spite. It will take the best among you around an hour to complete it. For everyone else, expect your progress to be much slower.

Kai recently tried the Mortal Shell beta and had this to say in his preview:

While my time with Mortal Shell was limited to little more than a standard E3 appointment, it has already cemented itself as one of the few Soulslikes coming out this year that I'm genuinely interested in keeping up on. Only time will tell if the developers can flesh out a fully crafted world that holds up to the test and erosion of time.

The game is due for release in the third quarter of this year for PC (on the Epic Games Store as a timed exclusive), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.