New Mortal Kombat Film Now Delayed Until Further Notice

Mortal Kombat fans are going to have to be patient when it comes to waiting for the upcoming movie reboot. It appears that it's been delayed indefinitely.

Producer Todd Garner broke the news to an inquisitive fan via Twitter, who asked about the film's release date. GamesRadar reports that Garner admitted there's currently no release date, either for a sneak peek at what's in store or for when the movie is slated to come out. Right now, there's no date in mind for either occurrence.

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"We’d always planned for it and thought we’d do it in March," Garner told the Mortal Kombat fan.

"The pandemic had other plans. We won’t have a release date for the movie until theatres re-open. Same for trailer."

In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, this is a familiar song and dance echoed throughout much of the entertainment business. With cinema doors having been long closed to help quell the spread of COVID-19, several movies have been on pause for some time. It likely isn't feasible to expect a film out, much less one that still requires a lot of work before it's complete, until next year at some point, further into 2021.

Luckily, fans have plenty to look forward to with the debut of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, which will feature all of the game's current DLC and additional content. With both new consoles out in the wild, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 fans can jump into the seminal fighting series and experience all it has to offer.

When further updates It's likely we'll hear more from Garner when there are updates on the film's progress. We may not be able to expect much out of the Mortal Kombat movie for the time being, however. Anyone looking to see their favorite matches come to life is encouraged to jump into Ultimate when it releases for now.

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