Monster Hunter World Ranged Weapons Editor Allows Altering Of Affinity, Defense Bonus

Monster Hunter World

The PC release of Monster Hunter World is a true godsend for all fans of the series, as it's possible to new features to the game through mods. Yesterday, we reported that a Melee Weapons Editor has been released, and today another editor has been made available for Ranged Weapons.

The Monster Hunter World Ranged Weapons Editor allows players to alter Ranged Weapons data like true raw, affinity and defense bonus. To prevent weapons from becoming overpowered, the editor limits the maximum possible alterations.

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This tool can crash your game if used improperly. Giving yourself overpowered weapons and using them online ruin people's experience. Please, be considerate of others, and only use this tool offline or in private sessions.

Furthermore, to prevent any seriously overpowered weapons from being made and used, the following limitations were placed on the tool:
Maximum True Raw: 500.
Maximum True Element: 100.
Maximum defense bonus: 200.

That should be roughly twice the maximum stats normally achievable in-game/with G-rank, except for the defense bonus, which is times four to consider the ranged weapons' lower physical defense. This is to allow some OP weapons, but not weapons so OP that you'd be oneshotting monsters with your weakest attacks.

You can head over to Nexus Mods for instructions on how to use the editor and download the editor.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.

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