Monster Hunter World Title Update 2 Released, Adds Motion Blur Setting, Free Character Edit Voucher

Alessio Palumbo
Monster Hunter World

Title Update 2 for Monster Hunter World has been released earlier today on PC via Steam. The major additions include the upcoming Autumn Harvest Fest event, a free character edit voucher and a new Motion Blur setting.

There's also a ton of bug fixes in the full patch notes.

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Major New Content:
- The Autumn Harvest Fest will debut on Steam on Friday, October 5 at 00:00 a.m. UTC and end on Thursday, October 18 at 23:59 UTC.
New Event Quests exclusive to this fest have been added: the 1★ quest "Up at the Crack of Dawn" and the 5★ quest "Every Hunter's Dream," as well as the 2★ Challenge Quest "Vespoid Infestation!" which was previously only available during the Spring Blossom Fest on consoles.

- A free character edit voucher will be distributed on Friday, October 5 at 00:00 UTC.
This voucher can be downloaded for free from the Steam store only once, so that you can change the gender and appearance of your Hunter.
The free character edit voucher can only be acquired once.
The free character edit voucher can only be used once on one character.
If you have more than one character, the voucher will be consumed as soon as you use it on one character.
Hairstyles, eyebrow color, facial hair, makeup, and clothing can be changed without using a voucher by going to the item box in your room.
You cannot change the name of your Hunter, or the name/appearance of your Palico.

- On Friday, October 5 at 00:00 UTC, the Handler's Mischievous Dress, new gestures, sticker sets, and hairstyles will be made available for purchase on the Steam store.
For more information, please refer to the Steam store.

- We added a Motion Blur option to the Advanced Graphics Settings.
This allows you to toggle the blur effect when the camera or in-game models move on or off.

Major Additions and Changes:
If you press any button except for the menu button during a skippable cutscene, a "Menu button: Skip" prompt will now be displayed.

Monster Hunter World already sold over 10 million copies in less than nine months since launch.

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