Monster Hunter World PC Looks Surprisingly Decent At Low Settings

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is getting released on PC in around two weeks, and news on the PC port has started coming in since yesterday. While a few screenshots showcased how good the game can look at 4K resolution and max settings, not much has been showed of the game running at low settings until today, when a new video surfaced online.

The new Monster Hunter World PC video, shared on YouTube by Gaijin Hunter, shows the game running at low settings. While we are far from the looks of max settings, the game looks surprisingly decent.

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As mentioned above, we have learned something new regarding the Monster Hunter World PC port yesterday, when a ResetEra forums member named FluffyQuack confirmed that the game can go beyond 60 FPS.

Not sure which thread to post this in, but I’ll do it here. I got permission from a Capcom rep to post impressions of a review build of the game. The game supports framerates above 60fps (the framerate lock options are 30, 60, and “no limit”). Unlike most MT Framework games, the game can go beyond 120fps, though you’ll need a very beefy PC if you want to get close to 100 with settings around max.

Monster Hunter World launches on August 9th on PC.

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