Monster Hunter World Won’t Get Content For 5 Or 10 Years; GaaS Is Not A “Japanese Thing” At The Moment

Jan 10, 2018 09:00 EST

The way the game has been designed, many are expecting Monster Hunter World, the soon to release new entry in the series, to get support for quite a long time. While Capcom does have plans for post-launch support, they are not aiming at making their game receive new content for 5 or 10 years after release.

Speaking with Metro, Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has been asked about the games as a service concept and if it could be applied to the game. The team definitely has plans for post-launch support, but not in the very long run.

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We definitely don’t plan this game to be a five or 10-year client, where you buy it and then you have content for the next decade. We always have had a really rich post-launch experience for Monster Hunter players, with lots of free DLC and extra quests. And, as we recently announced, there will be regular large free updates for Monster Hunter: World, starting with the first one in spring with an extra monster. So there’s a lot to sink your teeth into after you’ve finished the main game, and you’re going to be following along with the DLC plan, but it’s not something as long-term as years down the line we’ll still be releasing things for this game. It’s a regular game with a really meaty post-launch content schedule, but it’s not like a service.

Interestingly enough, Ryozo Tsujimoto didn't seem to understand what games as a service means, stating that it's not really a Japanese thing at the moment.

I had to explain the phrase to him when I translated your question. He said, ‘What do you mean, a game as a service?’ I don’t think it’s really a Japanese thing at the moment.

Monster Hunter World launches later this month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will release on PC on a yet to be confirmed date. A third beta is going to be held soon on PlayStation 4.