Monster Hunter Rise PC Showcased at 8K with Ray Tracing in New Beyond All Limits Preset

Alessio Palumbo
Monster Hunter Rise PC

Monster Hunter Rise PC launched a few days ago to solid player figures. According to SteamDB, the game reached a new concurrent online peak eighteen hours ago with 130.4K users. User reviews are also largely positive, with an average of 80.5% thumbs-up votes.

It's not a massive surprise, given Francesco's review of Monster Hunter Rise PC, where the game got a nine out of ten score.

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With the streamlining of some of the most annoying aspects of the Monster Hunter experience and some excellent additions to the formula like Wirebugs and Switch Skills, Monster Hunter Rise reaches the heights of the best entries in the series with ease. While not all of the changes and new features have been for the best, like Rampage Quests, their general quality level, and the amazing PC port, do make the game one that's worth playing for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers.

One of the shortcomings noted in the review is the visuals, though. After all, Monster Hunter Rise was designed for the Nintendo Switch. Despite being powered by the newer RE Engine, it looks worse than Monster Hunter World (which runs on the older MT Framework), which targeted more powerful platforms like PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

That said, content creator, mod author, and digital artist Digital Dreams didn't waste any time in setting up one of his Beyond All Limits presets to enhance Monster Hunter Rise PC as much as possible. The improvements are significant; to download his preset though, you'll need to subscribe to his Patreon at the Reshader tier (monthly €4.5 + VAT). As usual, Digital Dreams used Pascal Gilcher's screen space ray traced shader, which you'd typically have to get through that modder's Patreon as well. However, NVIDIA has now implemented it in GeForce Experience, allowing users to experiment with SSRTGI for free.

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