Modified Google Play Store – Strips Country Restrictions


Google Play Store may have over half-a-million apps and games but when its comes to be an outsider (for U.S, I mean), then you may very well have been seeing this message pop up on your screen a number of times while using Play Store:

"This item is not available in your country"

This is the most annoying message as it gets. Someone should ask Google whats the point of holding apps off the outside world. Why this discriminating behavior? Is the best reserved only for the U.S? These are some of the questions which the foreign Android Legion needs answers to. These answers are provided by an XDA developer instead, the one who goes by the name of Decco7.

Decco7 has released a modified version of Google Play Store app. Previously, apps like MarketEnabler and others were used to lift off the country restrictions, but ever since Google has switched over to the new format, namely, the Play Store, this is the first app to hack-&-terminate the country restrictions. The best thing about it is, the country restrictions have completely been lifted off (more likely stripped). Since it is a 3rd party developer's work, so expect some bugs, but other than that, it works like a charm. Latest version, 3.5.16, is the most stable of them all which is supported by Android 2.2 and up. Now download anything you want, anytime you want and anywhere you want with absolutely no restriction.

Head over to Decco7's post here to install and use the modified Play Store. (Backup Recommended)