Android Market surpasses Apple App Store in free apps

Ammar Malik

One aspect of iPhone that truly sets it apart from the competition is the sheer amount of applications in the Apple App Store(for iPhone). The Android Market has been making huge strives forward but it's still quite a way behind as far as total number of apps is concerned. That being said, the Android market has just surpassed the Apple App Store as far as free applications is concerned. The majority of applications in the Android Market are free of cost which includes popular titles such as Angry Birds which are paid apps on the App Store. The Android Market has 134,000 free apps, while the Apple App Store for iPhone offers 121,000 thousand free apps.

iPhone users have a good reason to gloat about the number of apps at their disposal, but at some point in time I am sure it must sting having to pay for games like Angry Birds when their Android friends are downloading it for free.

Source: GSMArena

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