Minisforum helps you to prepare for the holidays with a huge end of the year discount on some of their top products!

Jason R. Wilson

Minisforum, manufacturer of small-form-factor desktop PCs and enclosures for mini-ITX and -ATX motherboards, is currently offering discounts on a few of their top models for consumers looking for last-minute gifts for the tech enthusiasts in the family!

Minisforum offers the popular EliteMini series and other Mini PC offerings from their library for holiday consumers for the end of 2021

First on the list of Minisforum holiday offerings is the EliteMini family of products. They have both barebone options and fully decked-out versions available on sale for the end of the year. In fact, the Minisforum sale runs from December 20th, 2021, to January 10th, 2022.

  • EliteMini HM90 (barebone): $479(an amazing $150 off MSRP)
  • EliteMini HX90 (barebone): $649
  • EliteMini HX90 (16GB RAM+256GB SSD): $799
  • EliteMini HX90 (16GB RAM+512GB SSD): $829
  • EliteMini HX90 (32GB RAM+512GB SSD): $909

The EliteMini series comes with an AMD Ryzen 9 4900H processor (for the HM90 SKU), or the AMD Ryzen 95900HX (for the HX90 SKUs), covering any of your casual or small business needs. These mini PCs are great for families or can be set up for server-accessible PCs, making them perfect for storing electronic displays or even minimal form factor usage.


[The EliteMini HX90] mini PC will support the latest Ryzen 5000 series APU including 5600G and 5700G and Ryzen CPU like 5600X and 5900X. Since 5600X and 5900X don’t support graphics output, this mini PC will be equipped with a dedicated graphics card. But MinisForum hasn’t release much information about how they put a dedicated graphics card on this mini PC yet.

What is clear is that this mini PC will use gallium nitride adapter for charging. The package will include a 120w gallium nitride adapter. In addition, the mini PC will also support ATX(SFX) power supply 12V only. With AMD B550 chipset, this mini PC will support PCIe 4.0 SSD. This mini PC will also use liquid metal for cooling, just like their previous products HX90 and HM90. The whole system will consume roughly from 120W to 1000W.

On top of the Minisforum EliteMini family of products, the company also is offering discounts on the TH50, TL50, and X500-5700G. Each offers either a barebone option or a full mini PC with up to 64GB RAM and 512GB SSD options as well.

Along with their end of the year sales, they are offering discounts on the models below:

  • UM340, starting at $339
  • UM270, starting at $299
  • X400-4650G, starting at $669
  • X400-4350G, starting at $539
  • UM700, starting at $579
  • U820, starting at $569

To see more of the sales that Minisforum is offering this holiday season, check out their holiday sales page here to see what is currently available, as these do tend to sell quickly.

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