Microsoft Announces Windows 11 SE and Surface Laptop SE – An Affordable Solution for Students

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

Microsoft products are too expensive to be given to young kids, and it seems that the company has considered this factor with their new device launch. Microsoft has launched Windows 11 SE and Surface Laptop SE that is perfect for the K-8 classroom. This new launch will allow schools, teachers, and students to deal with the new challenges of the technological world.

Windows 11 SE

Microsoft says that the new Windows 11 SE was designed after taking feedback from teachers and school IT, admins. This new OS is optimized for online and offline applications to ensure that educators and students get the most out of it. Microsoft Office apps can be used offline and online both as part of the new OS. If changes are made offline, as soon as an internet connection is available, the changes will quickly be synced with OneDrive.

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The OS will feature web-based learning applications, and the company will also be increasing third-party app support in the future. There are features to help IT admins ensure that the devices are secure, and only they will be able to install apps and services on these devices.

Microsoft Education Update

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

Surface laptops are expensive. However, this new device has been designed for students and is very affordable at $249. It features an 11.8” screen, 720p HD camera, and stereo speakers. It even comes with a battery life of up to 16 hours. According to the company, this new device ‘offers new levels of repairability for IT admins.’ This means that fixing the device in case of any issues can be done on-site by the school admins and save schools a lot of money. Some other features like low-key sounds and optimized thermals will make the experience better for students and teachers alike.

The new OS and Surface laptop come with features to make online learning more straightforward and accessible to more people. This new educational system includes different apps and features to make the teaching and learning experience smoother. A new Education Insights app will give teachers stats on student well-being, performance, engagement, etc. Microsoft Teams will have an in-built translator that will allow second language learners to participate in classes fully.

Windows 11 SE

The pandemic has made many businesses shift their focus and form new strategies, and it seems Microsoft is also one of them. Only time will tell whether this new OS and Surface laptop will be popular among schools.

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