Dynabook E10-S: The First Microsoft Windows 11 SE Device, Focused on Cloud-Based Education

Dynabook Americas, Inc. (formerly Toshiba Electronics) will be the first company to utilize Microsoft Windows 11 SE with their new Dynabook E10-S laptop computer, aimed at education upon launch. The new line of Dynabook E10-S serves as proof that Dynabook and Microsoft are standing to make a large market in education circles.

In March 2021, Dynabook had announced that they were in the process of manufacturing the Dynabook E10-S laptop, creating "a robust, budget-friendly and secure 11.6" laptop .. purpose-built for the education sector." The company plans to increase not only learning experiences but also minimize issues with network problems, saving some headaches for IT admins.

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Microsoft Windows 11 SE is the company's newest version of their current next-gen operating system, with the primary use of cloud-based technology for the education markets, and an even clearer focus on kindergarten to eighth-grade students. This new version of Windows 11 streamlines the experience with simplification, removing distractions with "its Simple Start and app layouts, web-first user experience, and optimized app-windowing." Optimized in the cloud, Microsoft's newest operating system will use "cloud identities" on its system, and save the cloud usage for saved user files and the ability to be "available offline on-demand."

With Dynabook’s heritage in innovation, this partnership aims to drive differentiated experiences
and support learning anywhere, by giving educators the power to unlock creativity, promote
teamwork, and provide a simple and secure solution that’s built for remote and blended education.

— Kurt Petersen, General Manager of Global Device Partners, Microsoft

The Dynabook E10-S weighs in at 2.5 lbs. and is less than one-inch thickness (0.78 in.). Extremely "compact and lightweight," the Dynabook E10-S is manufactured with protection against accidents at 30 inches with protective rubber padding, "slip-resistant design," and a keyboard to resist spills, using durable anchored mechanical keys and a ClickPad with a multi-touch design.

Offering a "fan-less design", the Dynabook E10-S laptop "remains quiet in any learning environment." The laptop carries an Intel Celeron N4020 processor with onboard Intel UHD Graphics, and just enough memory and storage for any situation (4GB of DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD storage).

With the ability for educational apps to load more efficiently, as well as maintain smooth stream processing and secure schoolwork data, the Dynabook E10-S laptop is the perfect answer for most educators' needs. An 11.6" HD anti-glare display and 802.11ac Wi-Fi accessibility are included, as well as stereo speakers, headphone jack, dual microphones with the ability to suppress noise, and an HD webcam ensures that students will be able to communicate with educators and other classmates with ease remotely.

The Dynabook E10-S is manufactured with plenty of extra connectivity needs, such as HDMI, USB and USB-C, LAN, and Bluetooth to keep current with all connection styles. Dynabook offers a battery that is of a high capacity so that it will last for a long time on an individual charge. Microsoft Windows 11 SE will allow for "comprehensive content filtering and SmartScreen" for added security, as well as "Microsoft's Intune for Education, which includes Windows Autopilot," allowing ease for IT education admins to not only maintain the cloud with ease but also preconfigure the cloud ahead of time and "retire student and teacher laptops with little to no infrastructure."

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We have more than thirty years of experience in the education sector and are proud that Microsoft has recognized the Dynabook E10-S as a launch device for Windows 11 SE, further underlining the strong education credentials of this unique laptop and throughout our product portfolio.

The Dynabook E10-S has been carefully engineered with the challenges of today’s classroom in mind, so that teachers and students alike know they can rely on it to support successful, uninterrupted learning. Like our other Education focused devices, the Dynabook E10-S is also available with Windows 11 Pro Education preloaded – so our education customers can choose a device that best fits their device management strategy.

— James Robbins, General Manager, Dynabook Americas, Inc.

Expect the Dynabook E10-S with Windows 11 SE to be available worldwide starting Q1 of 2022. Dynabook will offer several options for the Dynabook E10-S line, with an MSRP of $289.99. The company will provide a "One-Year Dynabook +Care Service® Warranty with On-site." Dynabook will sell the E10-S on us.dynabook.com or from any of the company's reseller networks.

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