Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Processor, Connectivity, RAM, Features And Launch Date Surface

With the passing weeks, Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 has started to make an increasing amount of rounds in the news. The upgraded hybrid from Redmond, which has seen positive market reception since the Surface Pro 3 upgrade, is highly anticipated by a lot of quarters, and if the information we have on it so far is correct, then the next Surface Pro upgrade should be quite impressive indeed.

More Details About The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Surface Today

We already saw a rather detailed Surface Pro 4 leak yesterday, that managed to outline several key features on the upcoming hybrid. Today's leak builds up on yesterday's information and provides us with some more details on the device. For starters, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is tipped to be coming with Intel's Skylake processors, with the 15 W, U series being the most likely candidate for the hybrid.

In addition, Microsoft's slate is also expected to be coming with 16 GB of RAM, and storage specifications of not only 128, 256 and 512 GB, but also a massive 1 TB option that should further help differentiate the device from other offerings in the market. The storage SSDs in the high end versions will be coming from Samsung as well, according to today's information.

Also, if you found that 12 inches on your Surface Pro 3 were simply too small for your requirements, then Microsoft's got you covered over there as well. Not only will the Surface Pro 4 be offering a 12 inch screen, but an additional 14 inch version is also expected to debut this year, which should further incite user's towards Redmond's hybrid.

The Surface Pro 4 be coming with a larger battery size and USB Type C connectivity on board, further adding to the large array of features its expected to offer. But interestingly, our source for this information reports that Microsoft will be launching the Surface Pro 4, alongside the Lumia 950 in September, rather than October as it has been reported so far.

Given that initial reports of an October launch for the Surface Pro 4 were based on the fact that Microsoft would also be launching Windows 10 alongside, a September launch might just take place as well, since Apple's upcoming iPhone and iPad events will be further saturating the market with more offerings. But until we get to hear something from Microsoft's end, all of this is speculation after all. So stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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