Microsoft Update on PC Gaming Plans Reportedly Near, Ubisoft+ to Game Pass Hinted at Again

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Microsoft has been pretty focused on Xbox recently, which is understandable since they just released a new one, but what about PC gaming? Well, during the most recent episode of The Game Mess Show, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb stated that Microsoft is prepping an “update about it’s commitment to PC gaming” for this coming Thursday (April 29). It isn’t entirely clear what form this update might take, but according to Grubb it probably won’t be a big event or livestream…

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I believe Microsoft will be doing an update about it's commitment to PC gaming. There's a lot of good news around Microsoft and Xbox [...] but whenever someone has a criticism […] it's that the PC side of Game Pass doesn't seem quite as good. [...] I'm sure they'll talk about that, but they'll also, in general, speak in platitudes about how they feel about PC gaming overall and how much it means to them. This is not an event, this is not a big showcase, this is probably a blog post or something like that. Maybe they could talk about their plans for the Windows Store and how they plan to update that stuff, because there were talks along those lines before, but maybe that's not ready yet.

So, what can we expect from this update? Grubb speculates we might see some new Xbox Game Pass updates up some kind – perhaps the full launch of PC cloud gaming? I could also see some new Xbox Game Bar features and PC ports being announced. An update on what they plan to do with the widely-disliked Windows Store seems remote to me, but hey, fingers crossed.

In other potential news, Grubb also once again hinted there’s a chance the Ubisoft+ subscription service could become a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Apparently, Ubisoft and Microsoft were in talks, and while Grubb isn’t entirely sure how they went, he does think more Ubisoft games are coming to Game Pass one way the other. Of course, take all this with a grain of salt for now, but this all seems pretty plausible.

So, what are your thoughts on all of this? What kind of PC-related announcements are you hoping for from Microsoft?

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