Microsoft on a Fixing Spree – Resolves Latest Search/Start Menu and CPU Spike Bugs

Rafia Shaikh
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The last Windows 10 cumulative update delivered for version 1903 on September 10 resulted in a number of bugs that affected some users of the operating system. Microsoft has now updated its support document, considering all the associated bugs as resolved or mitigated.

The company said it is considering the Search and Start menu issue as resolved since it hasn't found the bug "significantly impacting users originating from KB4515384 [September 10 patch]."

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The company added that it will continue to monitor "to ensure users have a high-quality experience when interacting with these areas." If you are still experiencing problems with Windows Desktop Search and Start menu, Microsoft is recommending to report it "via the Feedback Hub (Windows + F) then try the Windows 10 Troubleshoot settings (found in Settings)." For more details, check out this help document.

Microsoft says it has also resolved the latest Windows 10 CPU spike bug

This was the second high CPU usage issue reported in Windows 10 1903. The current issue affects Chinese Simplified (ChsIME.EXE) and Chinese Traditional (ChtIME.EXE) IMEs with Changjie/Quick keyboard.

In an update, Microsoft says that this particular problem occurred "due to security related changes in KB4515384," especially when "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service is not configured to its default startup type of Manual."

Here is how to fix this latest Windows 10 CPU spike issue:

  1. Select the Start button and type Services.
  2. Locate Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service and double click on it or long press and select Properties.
  3. Locate Startup type: and change it to Manual
  4. Select Ok
  5. The TabletInputService service is now in the default configuration and IME should work as expected.

Microsoft has managed to resolve most of the bugs that were introduced by the latest update, including the audio issue, the "unnatural orange tint" bug, and the earlier CPU spike bug. The company also addressed a Windows Defender problem yesterday where the antivirus was failing to properly scan the devices - that issue wasn't specific to version 1903 and affected almost all versions of the operating system.

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