Microsoft is Expecting Huge Xbox One Sales While Sony Admits E3 2015 Lineup wasn’t the Strongest


Microsoft's Xbox One is still trailing behind in sales to the PlayStation 4 but the software giant has high hopes for its consoles. In an interview with Gamespot during E3 2015, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg said a string of blockbuster exclusive games and new backward compatibility functionality will lead to a "massive migration" of Xbox 360 owners moving to Xbox One. Whereas Sony feels that backward compatibility is not something that they're aiming for and that they will be taking a different path. They added that they'll be looking at different things to keep up their console's anticipation.

Microsoft "A Lot of People have been waiting for Halo 5, Gears of War and Backward Compatibility"

Microsoft's official added that they are aware that people have been waiting relentlessly for Halo 5: Guardians and Gears of war on Xbox One and that backwards compatibility is expected to add fuel to the fire as well.

"A lot of people have been waiting for the next Halo; a lot of people have been waiting for Gears; a lot of people have been waiting for backwards compatibility," Greenberg said.

"And so we think having all of that coming this holiday; we expect we're going to see a massive migration," he added. "We expect millions of Xbox 360 owners to migrate and move to Xbox One. We see that the majority of people who buy an Xbox One today own an Xbox 360. So our fanbase has stayed very loyal. And frankly, they're waiting for those new releases to come this year."

Greenberg added that it would be a mistake for analysts to underestimate the power of the backward compatibility and that it will surely produce results for the Microsoft's Xbox One console.

Sony "Not The Strongest We've Ever Had But Still Feeling Confident"

Interviewed by Gamespot, PlayStation Europe's Jim Ryan admitted that there was a lack of great games at Sony's E3 conference and that Xbox One had a stronger portfolio this year. He substituted the blame to the releases they had earlier this year including Bloodborne, Until Dawn and Tearaway Unfolded.

"Yes I'll admit it's not the strongest we've ever had. But if you look over the full year, we've had Bloodborne, we're getting Until Dawn, and Tearaway Unfolded. I think the latter will surprise many people, and we also have the Uncharted trilogy. So taking all that, and added with all the third-party games in the pipeline for this year, we're feeling confident."

But with a total of 23.3 million sales of the PS4 by the end of April, the console is still heading strong as we approach the second half of 2015.

“Well, it certainly gives us some cause for optimism in 2016 (when Sony will ship major titles, such as Uncharted 4). Certainly in the UK, it's still rather close [when compared to Xbox One sales], but we have been edging ahead every month. But across Europe, it's fair to say we're beating [Microsoft] by a considerable margin. Once you get into that position, the popularity of a console can start to become its selling point.

So basically, if Sony continues to have a major share of the market it will be hard for the Xbox One to keep up no matter how strong their lineup is. Sony will beat them in sheer numbers if this keeps up. But Microsoft is heading in the right direction to give Sony a tough competition.

That's all that we have from the console war for now. Stay tuned for more and add your thoughts about the respective lineups in the comments section!

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