Sony Confirms PS4 Backwards Compatibility is Not a Thing – “We Are Taking a Different Path”


Microsoft took millions of its fans by surprise yesterday by announcing backwards compatibility for Xbox One at its E3 2015 press conference. This means that players will now be able to play last-gen Xbox 360 games on their eight generation Xbox One consoles. Of course a banging revelation such as this would impel fans to think if the competing party in the industry is planning something similar to bridge the gap; well it’s not. Sony has confirmed that PS4 backwards compatibility is not going to be a thing, as the company has chosen to take a different approach.

PS4 Backwards Compatibility is Not Something That is Being Worked on - Sony Took a Different Approach and is Happy With it

Backwards compatibility, a feature which allows gamers to play video games originally released for the previous generation consoles on their current-gen entertainment systems, simply isn’t something that the Japanese platform holder would like to see on its latest video game console. Sony has confirmed that the company has no plans to make PS4 backwards compatibility a reality. Talking to MCV, Playstation Europe boss Jim Ryan said that the Japanese platform holder is placing its bets on its next-gen console features such as Shareplay and Play as you Download. He said:

“We are just taking a different path. To the extent that you are investing in software technology - which is what this is, it’s delivered through software not through hardware - we are trying to commit our resources and put our emphasis on delivering on the promises we made right at the start of this whole PS4 thing, to be the forward-looking, socially-connected console. We are placing our bets on things like SharePlay, on things like Play as you Download, and things like Suspend/Resume.”

Ryan further said that Microsoft is taking an entirely legitimate approach by allowing Xbox One users to experience more with backwards compatibility, but Sony has chosen to take a different path, which, in another way, is legitimate too. According to him, this would differentiate one platform from another, and allow people to decide which one suits them best. He said:

“We are just taking two different approaches. Unfortunately there are just not sufficent enough software engineers in the world for everyone to do everything. Each platform holder has to make their choices, we made one and they made another. Their choice is entirely legitimate, and I think our choice is legitimate, too. In some ways it is quite nice to have points of difference between the two platforms, and people will decide which approach suits them best.”

Sony also once gave backwards compatibility a go by enable earliest PS3 model to play old PS2 games; pointing that out, Ryan said that despite it being a much requested feature, it is not something that is greatly put into use by users. He ended the talk by saying that the PlayStation team does not “wish to be defensive about it all,” but their approach is legitimate and they are quite happy with it.

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